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Direct Mail: Rest Assured, Inc.

In the crowded category of moving and storage, Rest Assured is the quality leader in fine art and furniture storage, delivery and installation in the southwest. They provide unmatched expertise and exceptional support to interior designers, fine furniture stores and luxury homeowners. Their employees are skilled technicians who strive to understand and exceed their customers' expectations.


Our campaign targeted prospective customers to grow their client base and existing clients to increase repeat business. We addressed both markets by implementing ongoing direct mail campaigns, using top designer endorsements on the their Web site, placing ads in local interior design publications, and participating in high-end charity auctions sponsored by local art galleries and designers. On a pro bono basis, Rest Assured delivers and installs the auctioned items sold at these events. Several customer appreciation campaigns were also conducted. Thank You notes and iPod touch devices were hand-delivered to local designers by Rest Assured employees. Other gifts and special offers were also given to show appreciation and strengthen customer loyalty.


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