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InForm Communications & Marketing (ICM) is a full-service creative agency that helps businesses and organizations market, sell, train, and inform. We provide services in public relations, brand strategy, advertising, video and online strategy. ICM is small and responsive. We provide outstanding service and are devoted to developing strategies that produce stellar results.

Anthony Miles receives rave reviews for Gilbert, Arizona’s
Executive Housing Taskforce marketing video

Anthony Miles was commended by The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Gilbert for the production of their marketing video featuring Gilbert’s executive lifestyle amenities. The video will be shared with key industry professionals as they seek placement for executives. The video can also be seen on the Chamber website. The Gilbert Chamber and the Town of Gilbert partnered with members of the business community to produce the video.


Promoting a Good Cause

There’s nothing like contributing to a good cause to make you feel like you’re making a meaningful difference in the world.  One of our favorite causes is recycling. 


Many cities are faced with the problem of dwindling landfill space and increasing costs of operating new landfills. More than half of what we throw away can be recycled. Recycling helps conserve landfill space, preserve natural resources and control rising waste disposal costs.


We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with two leading Arizona organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of recycling. learn more


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